Arduino And Raspberry Pi Speech System

Arduino And Raspberry Pi Speech System

Serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Patrick Thomas Mitchell has once again taken to the crowdfunding website to raise funds for its new Arduino and Raspberry Pi speech system. Once set out the Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible set allows makers, developers and hobbyists to enable projects with over 1000 words. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more. “It is a small module that packs a BIG punch!  It communicates easily with programmable platforms via SPI!”

The latest project builds on the previous smaller Buddy Talker hardware and now provides a much larger vocabulary. The original “Little Buddy Talker” takes up one quarter of space, and consists of colours, commands, months/days/time, numbers, directions, feelings, units of measurement, security words, math lingo, and general words; all of which are spoken by a female voice with an English accent! The first 254 words in the new system are from the original Little Buddy Talker Library words.

Pledges are now available from £12 or CAD$21 with worldwide shipping available and expected to take place during May 2018. If you prefer your board fully assembled then pricing is available from £13 or CAD$23. For further information and a full list of all available pledges and specifications jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page which is already raised its required pledge goal allowing the project to make the jump into manufacture.


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